Head of the laboratory: Shalgimbaeva Gulmira Mukhametkalievna


Types of work being performed

– conducting research on the assessment of the population-genetic structure of the species – the objects of the fishery;-Conducting genetic analysis of aquatic organisms to determine the species, population and individual genetic variability;-Conducting genetic passportization of breeders of sturgeon broodstock, development of genetic passports for breed objects of  artificial reproduction;- Conducting scientific analysis of aquatic biological resources and products from  them  to determine the species composition and origin of the material submitted by the customer.- carrying out genetic certification of objects, the import and export of which  is governed by CITES rules (Convention International Tradein Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)The laboratory is equipped with all necessary equipment, scientific and methodical literature, specialized programs for data analysis.

Laboratory staff by studying the scientific literature, participating in scientific conferences, workshops, doing traineeship in directions of activity constantly improve their qualification.

The laboratory has been operating since 2017. Laboratory staff fulfil work on the orders of Kazakhstan government authorities.