Foreign internship of a researcher

Getting an education and further improving their knowledge and skills is important for those who are engaged in science and education. In April and May 2019,under the guidance of Ichthyology Department teacher P. Gomulka I completed an internship at the Department of Ichthyology and Aquaculture at the Faculty of Ecological Sciences of Warmia-Mazury University in Olsztyn (Poland).I want to say briefly about this university, The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (UWM) was founded on 1 September 1999. Тhere are 17 faculties at UWM.Currently, the university has more than 40 thousand students. The students have all the necessary conditions for education. For example, students of fisheries for cytological and histological, genetic, biochemical and other studies have appropriate laboratories, all of them are equipped with new equipment. Also at the department of aquaculture specifically for students, undergraduates and doctoral students established fish pools for conducting experiments. In the pools, you can see such species of fish as pike perch, African catfish, whitefish, carp, eel, lovetzky, fish-like lamprey, and also you can see artemia, which is forage of fish. By artificial reproduction receive fish caviar and grow up to larvae. I took part in one of these experiments together with a teacher and scientist of Aquaculture Department D. Kucharczyk and a 3rd year doctoral student, Joanna.On training it was pleasant to me, the fact that any interested student, the undergraduate, the doctoral candidate can participate in such experiments and learn. So, If one of undergraduates and doctoral candidates will do a research all specialists of department, for example, the histologist, the geneticist, the biochemist other gather in at one time and do together, and I consider that it will help to do research quickly, qualitatively and productively.On an internship witnessed one of such researches. I think that such approach, and action of the Polish scientists as the sign of support and trust to each other.In a word, I want to tell that it is necessary more often passes an internship abroad, because is to us to a lot of things at them to learn and share the experience.

LLP «Fisheries Research and Production Center»
2nd year doctoral student of KazNAU
Ablaisanova G.M.


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