Exchange of experience in the framework of the Field Day on the topic: “Ichthyopathology and the economic damage to fisheries caused by various fish diseases”

A field detachment of the West Kazakhstan branch of the «Fisheries Research and Production Center» LLP during field expedition as part of contractual work on the fixed reservoirs of the Aktobe region held «Field Day» together with the staff of the Irgiz-Turgai State Nature Reserve. In his report, the head of the expedition, researcher at the West Kazakhstan branch of NPC RH LLP Tuleuov A., introduced those present with the basics of ichthyopathological studies and disclosed methods for assessing the level of fish infection. The speaker emphasized the need for systematic epizootological monitoring of reservoirs for the timely detection of dangerous fish diseases common to humans and animals in order to control the level of invasions of commercial fish species. After the report, the reserve staff actively asked questions on this current topic and discussed cases of detection of fish diseases in the reservoirs of this region.

At the end of the event, acting Director of Irgiz-Turgai State Nature Reserve M.K. Duanbekov thanked for the detailed coverage of this topic and suggested more often to carry out joint events in order to exchange experience between employees of the above organizations.

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